Our Products

Thirsty Work PTE Ltd is proud to be associated with Stockade Brew Co, bringing you some of the finest award winning craft beers from Sydney, Australia.
Now available at a bar in Singapore near you! Check out our venue page for updates on where to find these delicious brews.

The Core Range

Duel Hoppy Lager 4.7% ABV

Duel takes a traditional lager and screws with the balance to provide a hops experience not common in most other lagers.

It has a subtal floral, yet lightly spiced flavour with tropical fruit and citrus aromas. This brew has a full mouth feel, bright nose & a beautifully crisp finish.

8-Bit Indian Pale Ale 6.5% ABV

This IPA presents citrus and floral aromas on the nose and is a refresher all year round.

8bit has aggressive hop aromas and caramel malt flavours. The big bitterness flavour is balanced by a sweet malt character.

The Sesh Golden Session Ale 4.1% ABV

This vixen has been brewed with a generous selection of standout malts that leave a nutty, rich and spicy flavour.

The malt complexity in this femme fatale has a clean and distinct, light citrus spice, giving an unrivalled mouth feel.

Chop Shop Pale Ale 4.7% ABV

Chop Shop packs a massive punch of high hop flavours on a full malt foundation. This pale ale is bright in colour and strong in sweet malt flavour. 

It has aromas of citrus fruits and caramel. Chop Shop is the perfect balance of  bitterness and citrus spice.

Limited Releases

Red Light Robot Red IPA 6.2% ABV

Red Light Robot has a huge flavour hit with strong scents of toasted malts and aromatic resinous US hops.

This brew has a magnificent, velvety dark red colour from the addition of balck malts.

Hopzilla Hoppy Weizen 6.0% ABV

Hopzilla is a monster brew which will fill your palate with all the best flavours of a wheat beer
Smacked with a gigantic hop hit.

This Hoppy Weizen features banana and clove undertones as well as classic fruity hop aromas.

Rare Ink Session Stout 4.4% ABV

Rare Ink is a wickedly sessionable stout that is light in body, yet rich in flavour and ends with a dry finish.

This brew delivers a beautifully toasty, roasty, chocolate flavour with rich aromas on the nose.

Fallen Angel Chilli Mocha Pale Stout 6.8% ABV

Fallen angel has all the characters of a stout but is delivered in a pale exterior. This full bodied brew balances notes of bitter coffee with sweet chocolate followed by a subtle background heat from the addition of chillies.